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licensing of intloop() in libddekit/interrupt.c

Unfortunately I didn't get any reply from Zheng Da. Does someone know if Zheng is
using another email address nowadays?

In case he can't be reached anymore, I traced origin of the intloop() routine and
found that:

0. The copyright header in interrupt.c mentions Thomas Friebel <tf13@os.inf.tu-dresden.de>
   and Christian Helmuth <ch12@os.inf.tu-dresden.de> as authors, however this doesn't
   affect the code I'm importing (see #2).

1. The copyright-significant bits which have actually been used in my work are
    exclusively made of code committed to Debian hurd.git:


2. Initial commit by Zheng (6f5290eeb41219ea8b81f6df3ffceb0f4614cdd1) is an import commit
   and includes code written by others, however none of the code in that commit is included
   in my work (since I'm only interested in the GNU Mach interaction bits which were added
   after that).

3. The remaining (Samuel's) commits affecting this routine are trivial renames, not significant
   for copyright purposes:


With this we have "Copyright (C) 2009, 2010 Zheng Da", but still no licensing information.

Since Zheng committed it to pkg-hurd, I understand it's common convention to assume
Zheng's code is licensed under the same terms?

Unfortunately this gets a bit confusing: some parts of the Hurd are GPLv2 and some are GPLv2+.
Then the file Zheng was modifying [1] is imported from DDE/L4 which is GPLv2 [2].

[1] http://svn.tudos.org/repos/tudos/trunk/l4/pkg/dde/ddekit/src/interrupt.c
[2] http://svn.tudos.org/repos/tudos/trunk/l4/pkg/COPYING

What should we make of this? It's somewhat relevant as the code will be linked into librumpdev_pci,
which in turn will be linked by its final users in the application layer.

Please advise...

El 16/08/15 a les 22:33, Robert Millan ha escrit:
> Hi Zheng Da,
> First of all, allow me to show you my appreciation for your effort on integrating
> DDE with the Hurd. The groundwork on creating facilities that enable userspace
> drivers has been greatly helpful on this little project of mine.
> Just to put you in context, I've ported Rump (http://rumpkernel.org/) to GNU/Hurd
> and written some extensions that allow it to run its own PCI drivers in userspace.
> For that I used the same facilities in Gnu Mach that libddekit is using, and also
> imported some the code in libddekit for userspace interrupt management. Olaf (see
> below) believes that this code was written by you:
> El 16/08/15 a les 21:02, Olaf Buddenhagen ha escrit:
>> On Sun, Aug 16, 2015 at 01:09:59PM +0200, Robert Millan wrote:
>>> * It includes code from other people under GPLv2;
>>>    - intrthread() is heavily based on intloop() from
>>>    hurd/libddekit/interrupt.c
>> I haven't checked, but I assume this is form a Hurd-specific part of
>> DDE, which has been implemented by Zheng Da for the Hurd port
>> specifically? If so, we could try contacting him.
> Is this correct?
> I'm currently trying to merge the resulting code into Rump. This raises the
> question on which license is the code in intloop() under. By lack of any other
> statement one would have to assume it's GPLv2.

Robert Millan

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