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Help appreciated in porting libuv1 to hurd

[Please CC me, I'm not subscribed]

Hi all,
libuv[0] is a multi-platform library for asynchronous I/O.
Notably, it is at the base of nodejs.

libuv1[1] currently builds on hurd, but some functionalities are missing and 
the testsuite is not run. Given that upstream is quite active in reviewing and 
integrating port patches, I'd kindly ask if anybody here may want to implement 
the missing bits and check that all tests are properly passing on Hurd.
I can't help much here as I've no prior experience on Hurd-porting.

Source package is on alioth[2], while the OS-dependent missing parts are:
 * uv_cpu_info
 * uv_exepath
 * uv_free_cpu_info
 * uv_free_interface_addresses
 * uv_fs_event_init
 * uv_fs_event_start
 * uv_fs_event_stop
 * uv_get_free_memory
 * uv_get_process_title
 * uv_get_total_memory
 * uv_interface_addresses
 * uv_loadavg
 * uv_resident_set_memory
 * uv_set_process_title
 * uv_setup_args
 * uv_uptime

[0] http://libuv.org/
[1] https://packages.qa.debian.org/libu/libuv1.html
[2] http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-javascript/libuv1.git

Cheers, Luca

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