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Re: Issues found by inetutils-ifconfig.

Dear Justus Winter!

[CC s still in demand]

Friday den 17 July 2015 klockan 16:30 skrev Justus Winter detta:
> > For our common reference in this discussion, the structure populating
> > call is ioctl(sfd, SIOCGIFHWADDR, &ifr), after which evaluation
> > of `ifr.ifr_hwaddr.sa_family' should follow.
> I can't find that in the inetutils source as packaged by Debian.
> Furthermore, I cannot get ifconfig to do that ioctl:

This inability is due to the fact that our support for GNU/Hurd
officially rests on the generic code. The hardware specific code
cannot portably be handled in a generic code, since recent BSD
systems need completely different code as does GNU/Linux.

The past two days I transplanted GNU/Linux code for use with
GNU/Hurd. This works well except for the issues we are now

I have just committed code to our Git HEAD with system specific
adaptions for GNU/Hurd, and according to your wish I have left
out every work around mentioned here. The result is:

  $ ./ifconfig /dev/eth1
  /dev/eth1 (2):
    inet address
    mtu           1500
    link encap    Ethernet
    hardware addr 08:00:27:09:3A:75
  $ ./ifconfig lo
  lo (1):
    inet address
    flags         UP LOOPBACK RUNNING
    mtu           3924
    link encap    (hwtype unknown)

This last statement is due to the missing value 772. Once we
resolve this issue, the statement will automatically turn into

    link encap    Local Loopback

Best regards for now,
  Mats Erik Andersson

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