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using build profiles breaks debian-ports

Hi *,

using build profiles breaks debian-ports architectures, all of them:


│Dependency installability problem for [33]x264 on alpha, hppa, m68k, sh4, sparc64 and x32:
│x264 build-depends on missing:
│- empty-dependency-after-parsing

wdiff shows:

Version: ⌦2:0.146.2538+git121396c-2⌫ ▶2:0.146.2538+git121396c-3◀

Build-Depends: […] libgpac-dev (>= ⌦0.5.0+svn4288~),⌫ ▶0.5.0+svn4288~) <!stage1>,◀ […]

So this means that because someone added the build profiles thing,
wanna-build (or something else in the component stack) on dpo can
no longer calculate B-D installability for those packages, which
sorta defeats the purpose of adding it.

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