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Re: Debian Archive architecture removals

On Mon, May 4, 2015 at 5:48 PM, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@debian.org> (2015-05-04):
>> I'm wondering if we could find a way to accomodate those architectures
>> in an official way, while still limiting the impact on ftpmasters and
>> other teams. I'm not entirely clear on the status of debian-ports.org,
>> and of what the current downsides of using debian-ports are. Maybe it's
>> just about supporting and advertising debian-ports as Debian's official
>> way to host second-class architectures. Maybe there's more to it. What
>> are the current downsides of moving hurd-i386 and sparc to debian-ports?
> Last I heard about it, it was understaffed and infra was undersized +
> needed some changes to make it possible to grow.
> This was some time ago, so I've added admin@ to make sure we get updated
> intel on this topic.

zumbi was working on moving debian-ports to debian.org infrastructure
and got some of it done (the website for instance). I asked him about
it on IRC and got this response:

<pabs> zumbi: this mail looks like it needs a status update re
ports.d.o [🔎] 20150504062822.GA24735@xanadu.blop.info">https://lists.debian.org/[🔎] 20150504062822.GA24735@xanadu.blop.info
<zumbi> pabs: we had this: https://titanpad.com/debian-ports
<zumbi> pabs: I was hoping for debcamp/debconf to be able to finish it up
<zumbi> (however I am still unsure about if I'll be able to attend event)
<pabs> zumbi: may I copy that into email or can you?
<zumbi> pabs: feel free to copy it
<zumbi> pabs: it needs someone with wanna-build database experience,
some dsa, aurel32 (and maybe some ftp-master) to complete the work



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