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I've recently started trying out debian hurd (while simultaneously studying debian packaging and hurd translators).  I'm running it in qemu.

My C is rusty.  I was a unix sysadmin for 20 years, but have been retired for a few years, and primarily worked in perl for the last ten years of sysadmin work.

I want to contribute something to the hurd, so I've decided to do porting, since my C skills aren't enough up to speed for core development.

For practice, I've decided to work on clisp, since I'm familiar enough with it to test it and evaluate whether it's behaving.  I also use it regularly on linux, so I want it available on my hurd installation.

I'm just posting this note to find out if anyone else is working on it,  and to find out if there's anything I need to know beyond what I've read about its status on the debian hurd website.

At the moment I have the interpreter compiled and working (getting the configure file to recognize libsigsegv was the first hurdle), and I'm trying to get it to recognize the gnu readline library.  After that I'll start working on the failed tests one at a time.

If anyone has any info they feel I need, just let me know.  I'm just trying to dive in, read the docs, and start working on something I'm interested in.



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