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Re: Bug#759686: debian-installer: non-grub PXE boot images crash

tags 759686 + pending

On 29/08/14 20:52, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> I'd like to commit this debian-installer fix for kfreebsd, but also
> make the same change for hurd, since I know the hurd netinst image for
> PXE was broken in the same way.
> Please could hurd porters let me know if this looks okay.
> I haven't tested it by way of a debian-installer build on hurd, but it
> should definitely be an improvement.

I've gone ahead and applied it in Git, and then in the next d-i daily
build for hurd-i386 I could see the GRUB crash issue has gone away, TFTP
and background splash image are working again.

(It's not possible to proceed further than that due to something else
wrong with the hurd-i386 GRUB configuration for PXE [$root seems to get
unset in boot_one].  On kfreebsd, PXE works fully, so a solution could
be borrowed from us probably).

> +  [ Steven Chamberlain ]
> +  * On kfreebsd and hurd, which use GRUB for PXE booting, request two
> +    additional modules in the grub-mkimage step: (Closes: #759686)
> +    - tftp: required since GRUB 2.02 otherwise PXE boot will crash/hang
> +    - gfxterm_background: required since GRUB 2.02 for the boot splash
> +      image functionality to be available
> +    - raise the grub-pc (and indirectly grub-common) build dependency to
> +      >= 2.02~beta2~ on these architectures, because module
> +      gfxterm_background did not exist in GRUB 2.00
> +    - raise the xorriso build dependency to >= 1.3.2-1~ on these
> +      architectures, for compatibility with grub-mkrescue in GRUB 2.02

Steven Chamberlain

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