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Re: Bug#749290: g++-4.8: broken std::thread on Hurd

Pino Toscano, le Mon 26 May 2014 08:34:47 +0200, a écrit :
> It looks like to me there are two solutions:
> a) fix the GCC detection of threads on Hurd, so it uses only
>    pthread_key_create (or another internal symbol of Hurd's
>    libpthread)
> b) fix pthread_key_create in Hurd's libpthread, changing it to
>    __pthread_key_create and declaring pthread_key_create as strong
>    alias, just like it is done in NPTL
> IMHO most probably (b) is the most realistic and easy to do.

I have now commited (b) in glibc. This fixes the webkitgtk build failure
we've seen recently.

I have updated the fixed libpthread on 


(which thus now contains both the thousands-thread fix and std::thread


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