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Re: please remove kfreebsd-any from Architecture

Hi Robert,

On 02/06/14 14:36, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> There's also gnome-session. gnome-core depends on gnome-session, which
> in turn depends on gnome-shell.

We'll need to make gnome-session Architecture: linux-any and remove it.

And I wonder if we could adjust gnome-core's dependency from:
gnome-session (>= 3.4),

gnome-session (>= 3.4) [linux-any],
gnome-session-bin (>= 3.4) [!linux-any],

That keeps it installable as a metapackage of "the remaining core bits
of GNOME not needing systemd" which could be useful information.  The
alternative is to make it linux-any and remove it.

I think these are the last bits of the dependency chain,
(gnome-shell + gdm3 < gnome-core < gnome-session), except for some
arch:all packages which don't matter for testing migration.

Steven Chamberlain

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