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Cleaning up dde for the Hurd (was: Hurd support in libpcap)

Hi :)

Quoting Richard Braun (2014-04-11 11:42:47)
> On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 02:01:17AM +0200, Richard Braun wrote:
> > The first issue that can be noticed is that, despite the filter being
> > filled with both NETF_IN and NETF_OUT, only incoming packets seem
> > to be captured. This is probably a minor bug in libbpf but I didn't
> > investigate yet.
> The issue seems to be in libmachdev, which simply doesn't forward
> sent packets to any packet filter. Is there a reason why libmachdev
> is only built statically ?

This is most likely just an oversight.  I started going over the dde
code.  Zheng Da got lot's of little details wrong.  This is not meant
to sound harsh, I'm full of respect that he got dde-based drivers
up and running during a gsoc.

Now let's team up and clean up his work so that we can merge it
upstream and have a good template for more dde-based drivers :)


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