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black screen at hurd-console startup on jenkins.d.n

a jenkins job testing Debian graphical installation has been [SETUP]
on jenkins.d.n.

Though installation gives black screen when hurd-console is started:
last message is "Starting the Hurd console" at [720x400] then
hurd-console starts and switches resolution to [640x400], black
screen. Installation should then start xdm at 1024x768.

jenkins.d.n machine runs wheezy, qemu has been rebuilt with [PATCHES].
Unfortunately I can't reproduce it with patched+rebuilt-on-wheezy qemu
neither on jessie nor on a wheezy chroot.

Any idea?

[SETUP] https://jenkins.debian.net/view/g-i-installation/job/g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/
[720x400] https://jenkins.debian.net/view/g-i-installation/job/g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/7/artifact/results/snapshot_000233.png
[640x400] https://jenkins.debian.net/view/g-i-installation/job/g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/7/artifact/results/snapshot_000234.png
[PATCHES] https://bugs.debian.org/742386



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