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Re: [Uim] does uim-fep works for debian 7

Hi Dai and NOKUBI,

On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 10:11 PM, <dai@debian.org> wrote:
Hi Zhang,

Which keys do you use to on/off conversion?
If you use Shift+Space keys, uim-fep does not support Shift+Space keys.
Please see below:

uim-fep does not start to convert KANJI in default settings.
 The same for py input method.
 I use  uim-pref-gtk to make start to convert by default, so I don't dig the Shift+Space keys problem more before

Would you show me .uim.d/customs/custom-global-keys1.scm settings?
Default setting maybe below (or nothing this file).

% grep generic-o .uim.d/customs/custom-global-keys1.scm
(define generic-on-key '("zenkaku-hankaku" "<Shift> "))
(define generic-on-key? (make-key-predicate '("zenkaku-hankaku" "<Shift> ")))
(define generic-off-key '("zenkaku-hankaku" "<Shift> "))
(define generic-off-key? (make-key-predicate '("zenkaku-hankaku" "<Shift> ")))
 The same with you.
I cannot on/off conversion with Shift+Space.

Then, I added "<Control> " (Control+Space) for another on/off conversion keys.

% grep generic-o .uim.d/customs/custom-global-keys1.scm
(define generic-on-key '("zenkaku-hankaku" "<Shift> " "<Control> "))
(define generic-on-key? (make-key-predicate '("zenkaku-hankaku" "<Shift> " "<Control> ")))
(define generic-off-key '("zenkaku-hankaku" "<Shift> " "<Control> "))
(define generic-off-key? (make-key-predicate '("zenkaku-hankaku" "<Shift> " "<Control> ")))

So I can on/off conversion with Control+Space.
  It works for py input method too, it's great:) 

% uim-fep -u py

(type Control+Space)

% uim-fep -u py

(type nihao)

% 你好
 I get this, too. Thank you:) 

So, at least the py input method works well in uim-fep for debian 7.

My addition question:
1.  What's the difference between generic-on-key and generic-on-key? stuff? what's the detail meaning of this two?

2.  If I use uim-fep -S with screen ( config the backtick for screen first, https://code.google.com/p/uim/wiki/UimFep), it start convert automate (why? ) and  exit immediately after one char input. 

3.  uim-fep does not work in hurd console, this maybe TERM related problem, I need debug it another day.

Cong Zhang

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