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hurd salvageing / reinstalling advice


I have some sad news: the machine I used for years to test HURD developed a problem. Just a little after that the infamous GRUB installation problems were solved, I launched a big update of the system and the hard disk seem to have unrecoverable bad sectors, packages do not unpack properly. I suppose I have to put in another hard disk. I might try to copy everything to another disk, but I think the best is to reinstall everything, mount the other disk and salvage my home directory by copying it over.

Now a trivial question: what cd's and procedure should I use? just the standard CD I will find on debian, which boots linux and installs? As I did years ago? There were quite some news some weeks ago and I want to sure that's the best way.

Second, what do you think about installing the HUrd on an older laptop? I know that the old PC I want to reinstall has hardware that works 100% with Hurd (well, except the audio card). ON the laptop I fear support of the ethernet through PCMCIA, but it would be much more convenient to carry around of course! I don't care about powermanagement, i just want wired ethernet (I have no hopes for wireless, they all require firmware and support under linux is always a trouble already), mouse, disks and possibly X11.


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