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Re: remaining packages not rebuilt since May 2012


Thanks for the reminder, even if I had already taken care of checking
those recently :)

Ansgar Burchardt, le Fri 05 Jul 2013 11:15:23 +0200, a écrit :
>  unstable   | atlas                         | 3.8.3-29

There's apparently a computation difference here. The version currently
in experimental does build fine, however.

>  unstable   | emacs23                       | 23.2+1-7

We have somewhat given up on this one: emacs24 builds fine, and AIUI
emacs-defaults will switch to it for Jessie?  We could as well drop the
existing package, it's not working anyway.

>  unstable   | gnome-system-monitor          | 3.2.1-1

> procproperties.cpp:139:98: error: 'HZ' was not declared in this scope

We need to settle on what we make of this not-really-defined meaning
of /proc numbers on Linux: in reality, it even depends on how the
kernel is built, and thus getclktck() has to be called to get the
value. In practice, a lot of tools assume HZ, which is wrong for some
architectures...  We for sure don't want to define HZ to a constant
value, so for this package I guess we can simply actually fix the Linux
behavior by calling getclktck(), and that'll fix the hurd-i386 build.

>  unstable   | libmemcached                  | 1.0.5-2

This is actually fixed by #714084

>  unstable   | libpthread-stubs              | 0.3-3


>  unstable   | telepathy-gabble              | 0.14.1-1


>  unstable   | xosview                       | 1.9.2-2


>  unstable   | xserver-xorg-video-openchrome | 1:0.2.904+svn920-1



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