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Bug#704998: hurd: Broken upgrade due to disappeared shared libraries


On Fri, 2013-04-12 at 12:02:54 +0200, Pino Toscano wrote:
> Alle lunedì 8 aprile 2013, Guillem Jover ha scritto:
> > A dist-upgrade broke the system as the hurd package got upgraded
> > first, which made the shared libraries disappear, and when
> > hurd-libs0.3 was being unpacked tar failed to execute.
> > 
> > Any “Essential: yes” package needs to Pre-Depend at least on their
> > shared library dependencies to be able to be reliably unpacked (an
> > any other dependencies required for it to run at unpack time), the
> > same for pseudo-essential packages (like hurd-libs0.3 itself). It
> > seems this problem has always been present but only got visible with
> > the libs split.

> There's something I miss: hurd already pre-depends (other than the usual 
> shlib dependency) on hurd-libs0.3, which is where the shared libraries 
> were moved, so hurd-libs0.3 should have been at least unpacked before 
> hurd.

Heh, you made me doubt of myself for a moment:

$ dpkg-deb -I hurd_20130226-2_hurd-i386.deb |grep Depends
Depends: hurd-libs0.3 (= 20130226-2), sysv-rc, netdde (>= 0.0.20120518~),
 libc0.3 (>= 2.13-38~), libncursesw5 (>= 5.6+20070908), libtinfo5,
 libx11-6, xkb-data

> Also, considering the files in hurd-libs0.3 are in a multiarch libdir, 
> unlike the old location in hurd, so there is nothing which should have 
> prevented unpacking/configuring hurd-libs0.3 with hurd < 20130226-2.

Oh, nothing prevented the unpacking, it's just that apt considered
unpacking hurd-libs0.3 before hurd was not needed.


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