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Concluding Reminder: The New Marketing Game Changers Have Arrived.

The business world just went through some revolutionary changes and the resultant domain name expansion effect is changing the internet and the marketing landscape forever. ICANN (the Internet governing body) recently released the list of 1,930 gTLD dot names from around the world.

Some 1,000 entities have already invested on average of million dollars in hard and soft costs for each single dot name. Each dot name identity is poised for market domination and capable of altering the market shares. The name centric agenda now reaches the boardrooms.

The game changers have arrived. How will they impact your area of responsibility? What effect will they have on your business model? Find out at http://www.aarm.org/CMJ/index.php/executive-briefing-notices

Robert T. Stacey
President - AARM

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