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Unofficial GNU/Hurd release in connection to Debian/Wheezy?


As mentioned by Samuel Thibault recently there will be some kind of
unofficial GNU/Hurd release at about the same time as Debian/Wheezy.
Hurd is not a release architecture for Wheezy but hopefully it will
enter testing _after_ Wheezy is released. 

In that context I have an idea: What about building packages having
patches in the Debian BTS in the debian-ports archive. Of course that
would increase the number of packages there again (after all work to get
them into the main archive). The advantage is that these packages will
be tested on Hurd and bugs found and squeezed out. That would simplify
the acceptance and move of these packages to the main archive _after_
the Wheezy release.

Doing so could be a good test on the possible percentage of packages
that can be built, not having to wait for the Debian maintainers support
or doing NMUs. NMUs will only delay and interfere the release of Wheezy
so that is not an alternative. Additionally, sending new bug reports
with patches for Hurd before Wheezy is also problematic, but they will
not be attended to due to the freeze and Hurd not being a release

What do you think?

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