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"Pre-testing" hurd issues


A few weeks ago I performed a few test britney runs, in order to try and
answer the question "how much pain would trying to squeeze hurd in to
testing be right now?".  I've just realised that I never really publicly
shared any of the result, hence this mail; looking through what I noted
at the time I've forgotten some of the detail and some of it's no longer
relevant, but hopefully what remains is of some use.

The end result of my test runs was an initial set of ~3800 hurd binaries
in testing, of which around 150 were uninstallable.  Looking through the
problems I noted at the time, several are still relevant:

- coreutils FTBFS on hurd with test failures

- python2.7 FTBFS on hurd.  The build log appears to truncate part way
through the testsuite

- britney won't consider migrating util-linux/hurd because of the
out-of-date {c,}fdisk-udeb binaries in unstable.  I'm guessing these
should actually still be being built; it looks like they were
accidentally dropped as part of fixing #635530.

- #650080 means that the "hurd" source package itself had to be forced



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