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Re: Bug#657793: NMU to DELAYED/10

Hi Simon,

2012/4/29 Simon McVittie <smcv@debian.org>:
> On 29/04/12 11:47, Robert Millan wrote:
>> NMU to fix this has been uploaded to DELAYED/10.  Debdiff is attached.
> Has anyone tested this on Hurd? Does it work? Does Hurd work
> sufficiently well that it makes any sense to run a Quake or OpenQuartz
> dedicated server, or a rather retro[1] single-player game or network
> client, there?

I leave this for Svante (or debian-hurd) to answer.

> David has packaged a newer upstream version (in pkg-games git) with the
> kFreeBSD-only version of the patch, so I'd prefer to fix this by
> uploading that, either as-is or with the kFreeBSD-only patch replaced by
> Svante's kFreeBSD-and-Hurd version.

No objection with either of these options.  If you upload a new
version during the following 10 days, it will automatically take
precedence to the one in DELAYED.  Or if you need more time, please
let me know.

Robert Millan

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