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Few problems with the Debian Hurd

Good night friends, it's my first mail to the list, so if I'm sending it
to the wrong place, let me know.
I have an up-to-date Debian GNU/Hurd running on hardware(1), and this is
some problems I have founded, if someone can help (even some tips about
how I can do something by myself):

At the login screen (without the X installed), I have an (console) at
the botton of the screen, in that, the keyboard don't works, and I
unable to login. I have discovered if I have my USB mouse (I have an 1.0
USB interface, and it works in a weird [not util] way on hurd)
connected, and I move them, the screen changes to one called (tty1),
appears on the top of the screen, not (console) anymore. At the
(tty1,...) my keyboard works fine.

After install X server:

My system expend a long time if I run 'xdm' or 'startx'(), when X is
ready, with the Openbox, and I click on Exit, the screens turns blank,
and the computer stops to respond and I have to reboot or shutdown, but
if I do that, the keyboard stops to respond (at the BIOS, GRUB, Linux,
Hurd,...) and I have to remove the battery and the ac-power to get my
keyboard back

When I run 'X -config', I get the message: 

(EE) LoadModule: Module fbdevhw does not have a fbdevmoduleData data
(EE) Failed to load module "fbdevhw" (invalid module, 0)
Number of created screens does not match number of detected devices.
Configuration failed.
Server terminated with error (2). Closing log file.

Thanks for the help and sorry about some probably language errors.

(1) ECS 536s notebook, with AMD Sempron 3000+:

Gean Michel Ceretta, geanceretta@linuxmail.org

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