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Re: Bug#669059: webkit-1.8.0-2: FTBFS on hurd-*

[I took #669059 out of CC to not clutter the open bug]

On 27/04/12 22:33, Svante Signell wrote:
> This is incredible: The Debian maintainer uploads a fixed version for
> kFreeBSD (and partially for GNU/Hurd by adding __GLIBC__) and meanwhile
> totally neglecting the additional small changes needed for a successful
> build for GNU/Hurd in this bug report and in bug #664810. I wonder which
> agendas they have, only architectures already in testing, and ignoring
> everything else? 


It is a shame, but I doubt the maintainer is ignoring GNU/Hurd on purpose.

#669308 simply had higher severity in the BTS, and held up testing
migration for everyone, because GNU/kFreeBSD is fortunate enough to be
classed as a 'release architecture' already.

The patch for #669059 then would have conflicted with mine and I'm sorry
for that.  And the maintainer maybe didn't have time to merge/include it
yet for this upload.

The situation is awkward for GNU/Hurd because fixing things like webkit
(with lots of dependencies waiting on it) is important towards becoming
a release architecture too.

Steven Chamberlain

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