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Hurd and Wheezy


in a recent interview[1] on planet.d.o Samuel said that the hurd people
still would like to release with wheezy, but has anything be done on
getting it at least into testing?  In particular "the freeze
itself is not the final deadline. Actually, freeze periods are rests for
porters, because maintainers stop bringing newer upstream versions which
of course break on peculiar architectures." sounds like you might only
try to do so after the freeze?  If so, have you talked with the release
team?  I'm not sure they would like major changes like a new port only
arriving after the freeze...

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[1] <http://raphaelhertzog.com/2012/04/19/people-behind-debian-samuel-thibault-working-on-accessibility-and-the-hurd/>

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