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Re: dde drivers

On Sat, 25 Feb 2012 23:39:15 +0100
Samuel Thibault <samuel.thibault@gnu.org> wrote:

> Hello,
> I took my big hammer, and commited a dde_net branch in the incubator
> which contains a verbatim copy of the linux net drivers,
> copied the makefile from the dde branch, and blacklisted something
> like half of them (mostly arch-specific, wlan, pcmcia, usb, etc.).
> Clone it, run make convert then make, and you'll get a dde_net
> binary with a lot of drivers, which you can settrans like other dde
> translators.
> Obviously I haven't tested them all :) , only rtl8139.  But that
> should make it easier for people to try to get network support, and
> we should be able to just replace the gnumach drivers with it.
> Arch people, I'm a bit wary of completely replacing the dde guide on
> the wiki with the procedure above, but ideally that's what we should
> do. Arch/Hurd however first needs to install headers and libs as
> needed. It shouldn't be very hard, it's just a matter of running make
> install in libmachdev, libddekit and libhurd-slab, run
> make install INSTALLDIR=/usr/share/libdde_linux26/build/include
> in libdde_linux26/, copy libdde_linux26/{mk,Makeconf} to
> /usr/share/libdde_linux26, and libdde_linux26/lib/src/libdde_*.a to
> /usr/lib.
> Samuel

Just a suggestion on this topic, but why not use linux-libre drivers?
Can't load firmware anyway so why bother with a kernel that requests?

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