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up-imapproxy hurd patch (PATH_MAX)


This time, no patch to review but a question on how to fix up-imapproxy...

In the main, the problematic buffer is passed to an OpenSSL function like this:

RAND_file_name( f_randfile, sizeof( f_randfile ) )

This function will fill the buffer up to it's maximum size.

I see two possible fixes:

1) "guess" the buffer size from the knowledge I have about the
RAND_file_name() function.
This function set the content of the buffer depending on
getenv("RANDFILE"), getenv("HOME") and some defined constants.
The problem is that I have to change the allocated size if the OpenSSL
code changes.

2) I can modify the OpenSSL code to accept a NULL buffer.
The OpenSSL code would allocate the buffer memory according to the
expected size.


3) maybe there is a different OpenSSL function that I can use... but I
haven't dug this far yet!

Any comment and idea welcome!


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