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Re: Bug#652575: rsyslog: /etc/init.d/rsyslog modifications for GNU/Hurd


On 27.01.2012 10:18, Guillem Jover wrote:
> On Sat, 2011-12-24 at 05:30:33 +0100, Guillem Jover wrote:

>>  * start-stop-daemon (s-s-d) does not make use of procfs, but its
>>    Hurd --name implementation seems to be buggy in any case. I'll fix
>>    this directly myself.
>>  * s-s-d man page talks explicitly about /proc usage, but that depends
>>    on the system backend being used, I'll fix that too.
> I've fixed those two in dpkg's git repo, to be released with 1.16.2.

Do you have an ETA for 1.16.2?

>>  * rsyslog should probably switch to use s-s-d --exec instead (why is
>>    it using --name anyway? that option has always been more unreliable).
> Still pending.

Need to check that. Can't remember off-hand, why I chose --name
intially. That said, I agree that gnu/hurd resp s-s-d on gnu/hurd should
provide a reliable interface that behaves consistently across different

>>> Also the creation of xconsole is disabled, since it does not work yet.
>> Why does it not work?
> If it does not work then there might be a problem with named pipes?

Still waiting for an answer regarding this.

What I know is, that kfreebsd doesn't support named pipes in /dev, so
the rsyslog init script  contains special case code for kbsd to create
it in /var/run and a symlink in /dev.

I'd like to get rid of arch specific code in the init script and instead
move the pipe to /run/xconsole and create a symlink in /dev for
backwards compat with existing tools.

Would this work on hurd?

(the alternative is to drop xconsole support completely. The value of
that is questionable anyway)


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