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Re: New CD set

Hello Samuel

Where can I find the CD set?

As usual,


I don't know, if it is the right list to ask so silly questions as:
"why do the installation didn't set the keyboard layout like the given language i.e. why is my keyboard after installation still in the american keyboard-layout?"

As a small feedback:
I installed hurd with your netinstall cd which worked quit good but get errors from the speller which can not generate the hash-tables for the (german) language. Also the "gutenprint" driver and "pixmap"-program / driver hung during installation if the desktop environment was selected as installation option. The printer driver installation let me ask, for what are they good, if I do not have a printer server selected - in my network a cups server is up and running and I only need the cups client software, nothing else.

Perhaps you can help me or give me the address of an "simple user" maillist.

Many thanks and a happy new year and stay on with the good work.

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