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Bug#650096: update on the status


I just had a run of the perl suite on my Hurd VM, disabling all the 
patches to disable the tests initially mentioned in this report; the 
result was:

Failed 4 tests out of 2031, 99.80% okay.

- wrt #650096, io_pipe.t still passes for me (hurd 20111206-1
  + libc0.3 2.13-23)...
- op/stat.t: on my VM `ls /dev` hangs now, so I had to disable
  (with the attached patch) 6 checks in it
- syslog.t (#650093) looks like it passes now, I guess the bug could
  be closed?

So, unless I'm missing anything, the following tests could not need any 
more skip on Hurd:
- syslog.t (hurd_test_todo_syslog.diff)
- socketpair.t (hurd_test_skip_socketpair.diff)
- recv.t (hurd_test_skip_recv.diff)
- libc.t (hurd_test_skip_libc.diff)

Pino Toscano
--- a/t/op/stat.t
+++ b/t/op/stat.t
@@ -249,6 +249,9 @@
     skip "ls command not available to Perl in OpenVMS right now.", 6
       if $Is_VMS;
+    skip "'ls /dev' temporarly blocking on Hurd", 6
+      if $^O eq 'gnu';
     my $LS  = $Config{d_readlink} ? "ls -lL" : "ls -l";
     my $CMD = "$LS /dev 2>/dev/null";
     my $DEV = qx($CMD);

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