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looks like webkitgtk+ build fine with one of the Sergios patches:

18:01:04< gnu_srs> what about webkitgtk+? slpz made it build, but the
buildds don't have his patches yet.
18:02:20< youpi> did he complete it?
18:02:28< youpi> I know he used it to stress-test
18:02:34< gnu_srs> I think so.
18:02:37< youpi> but I don't remember him saying he could finish
18:02:45< youpi> the issue is at the last stages, during dh_strip & such
18:06:28< gnu_srs> From 9 sep 2009: 00:09:37< slpz>  dpkg-source --after-build webkitgtk+-1.4.2
18:06:41< gnu_srs> s/2009/2011/g
18:08:32< gnu_srs> And Oct 3 2011: 10:58:24< slpz> gnu_srs: That patch
is convenient, but not critical. I think the only patch that is really
needed is the one for "mach_msg fails to copy out-of-line data when
length >= 512MB" and perhaps the one which modifies external pageout (I
haven't tried building webkitgtk+ without it, so I can't tell)

(05:34:46 PM) srs: slpz: Did your build of webkitgtk+ complete? I was asked by youpi to find out.
(05:59:03 PM) slpz: gnu_srs: Sure, several times.
(06:40:54 PM) antrik: slpz: did you build the whole Debian package?
(06:41:23 PM) antrik: (that was the actual question -- on the buildds
apparently it often fails not during compilation, but later on during
the packaging stages...)
(06:55:34 PM) slpz: antrik: Yes, with dpkg-buildpackage.

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