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Goal: guestfsd?


In order to get libguestfs (having package guestfsd) built a lot of
dependent packages has to be built first:
Unmet build dependencies: febootstrap (>= 3.2) libvirt-dev qemu-kvm (>=
0.13) libsys-virt-perl libfuse-dev fuse-utils

libsys-virt-perl depends on libvirt-dev while 
fuse and febootstrap needs support/workarounds for mount.h

libvirt build-depends among other packages on dnsmasq-base and

As a test I managed to enable libvirt to build by cheating a little when
building dnsmasq-base, installing it and then doing some tweaks to get
libvirt built. Parts of the needed changes are related to bpf support.
So when bpf is available, a _very_ lot of useful packages will build
(and with libpcap0.8 we will have tcpdump/net-acct).

Other missing definitions for dnsmasq are: sockaddr_dl, LLADDR:
sys/if_dl.h and IP_RECVIF: sys/netinet/in.h if BSD network or
IP_PKTINFO: bits/in.h if Linux network.

If the patches from Zheng Da and R Braun are applied, how much work is
still needed to get bps as an integrated part of gnumach/hurd/libc?

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