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Re: Issuing "halt" locks up computer and working graphical browser (dillo)


On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 12:56:36AM +0200, peter@kahn.nu wrote:

> First of all, if anyone is interested, dillo 0.8.6 compiles fine on
> debian hurd.

Yeah, someone already reported working Dillo a couple of years ago. Good
to know that it's still true ;-)

BTW, I wonder whether you are aware that some versions of iceweasel are
also reported to work?...

> Finally, is the ext2fs program eating all your cpu as well or is it
> just on my system?

You mean all the time, or only during heavy load?

On my system ext2fs sometimes gets into a state where it starts using
very much CPU for a prolonged time even on rather light tasks. I think I
only have seen this happen twice though (both times triggered by running
heavy cron jobs, after the system has been in use for a few weeks); and
at least the second time, it passed after a while... (The first time I
rebooted, so I don't know whether it would have settled down ultimately
as well.)

Apart from that, ext2fs does of course consume a considerable amount of
CPU during heavy disk activity -- but nothing unexpected...


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