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Samuel Thibault wrote:
> libisofs not building was becoming more and more a problem, so I patched
> the libacl.la file by hand (yes, a bad thing).

A change in the Debian package configurations of libisofs and libisoburn
for hurd-i386 would avoid unnecessary problems.
Currently the support for ACL and xattr on Hurd ends up in a dummy adapter
of libisofs. Its Linux adapter would be usable, but ends up in a
more-or-less-dummy version of libacl and libattr on Hurd.

It would suffice to simply not install libacl1-dev and libattr1-dev,
when libisofs and libisoburn get built. ./configure will then create
a Makefile which does not try to use libacl or xattr functions.
Another possibility would be
  ./configure --disable-libacl --disable-xattr

On the other hand, libisofs is a test case for the libraries and headers.
So the opportunity for problems might actually be desirable.

Have a nice day :)


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