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Re: random translator

We should go with Marcus'.Seems easier to maintain and it's C.

Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> wrote:

>/dev/u?random translators are required for e.g. proper ssh and opengpg.
>ATM hurd depends on random-egd, which poses problem since it depends on
>a module which is provided by perl, which does not have the "required"
>priority, and since perl depends on hurd too, we get a dependency loop
>which leeds to immediat configuration issues.
>We've asked perl maintainers whether they could move the modules to
>perl-base to avoid the issue, but that's of course not an easy thing to
>There are couple other solutions on
>and notably Marcus' random translator, which does already work, and
>avoids the perl dependency completely since it's pure C. It would also
>avoid a separate daemon, which looks like a good thing to me.
>The advantage of egd is that it already has some rules to gather entropy
>from e.g. vmstat, w, df, etc. But that could easily be added to Marcus'
>random translator later.
>What do people think about it?  I've attached a tested migration patch.

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