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Bug#629184: file_pager_write_page: Assertion `block' failed


On Sun, 24 Jul 2011 22:16:16 +0200, Gabriele Giacone <1o5g4r8o@gmail.com> wrote:
> retitle 629184 fifo translators don't die

> To reproduce, create and use 1024 names pipes. System will crash with failed
> assertion in question or ipc_task_init panic.
> e.g. You might reproduce it by rebuilding gnash package with --with-swfdec-testsuite
> configure option.

Ouch.  But at least you finally figured out what's going on.

> It'd create, use and remove many fifos but translators would remain
> present until limit is reached.


> Workaround (thanks braunr): rebuild gnumach increasing TASK_MAX. 2048 will
> suffice to get a complete build. Bigger values won't hurt.

Obviously, the artificial limit should go (but that may be nontrivial).
(And it's only one of several.)

And, a fifo process should terminate as soon as it is not ``reachable''
anymore (no senders notification?).


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