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Scalability benchmark gnu/hurd


After seeing this 'scalability benchmark'
(http://bulk.fefe.de/scalability/) a while back, i decided to see how
this would work out for gnu/hurd. I checked out the latest cvs, but
did have to make a few minor changes to the sources (having to do with
'PATH_MX'. I dont understand C, so I hope I did it right :).

Anyway, one of the tests is benchmarking the fork() system call. When
I run this as the root user, the system panics. The console gives this
message :

panic ipc_task_init

I am assuming that the equivalent of 'while true; do fork()' would
result in the same behavior ? Are there are no system limits for the
root user on GNU/Hurd ? Is this intended behavior ?



John Smith.

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