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*Not a* ext2fs file corruption bug, but another toolchain issue


On Sat, 11 Jun 2011 19:26:33 +0200, I wrote:
> spent several hours on something that looks like a ext2fs translator file
> corruption bug -- or hopefully Git bug, but it unfortunately rather
> points into the direction of ext2fs...  :-/
> Some (a random handful out of a thousand, roughly) files' content is
> getting duplicated: for these files, the pattern generally is that, once
> the file regularely ends, its content appears once more.  That is, the
> files' content appears once (regularely), and then the same again.  Has
> someone ever seen something like that before?

It's not ext2fs's fault, but Git's -- or rather: another toolchain
issues, as it seems.  If I recompile the faulty Debian git
package on my box, the issue goes away!

goes away, too -- which I have filed in December 2008, so this can't
really have been a recent toolchain hiccup?!  Strange.  (Perhaps I'm
speaking too early with respect to that one, but I'm not able to
reproduce it anymore at the moment using the same Git commands that
quasi-reliably failed earlier on.)

All in all, some more hours wasted...  Would it be worth trying to track
down this toolchain issue?  And rebuild some more packages?

For posterity, some notes that I collected are available at
I'll add the ext2fs implementation bits to a suitable page.


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