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Re: [hurd] killall: ftbfs, fails to run


About a month ago I sent two patches to killall.  The more important
of the two was:

Jonathan Nieder wrote:

> Patch 1 switches to a buffer of size strlen("<path>") + 1, which
> should be large enough to fit a symlink target that matches and to
> determine whether the actual target is longer.  The buffer was missing
> a null-terminator and tested using strcmp, so patch 1 switches to
> memcmp while at it.

since readlink is not required to (and on some platforms does not even
if it has room to) NUL-terminate its buffer.

Is there anything I can do to help move this forward (for example, do
you want test cases, or should I put up a tree based on the upstream
git repository)?

If it's just life being busy, I can understand, and sorry for the
noise.  None of this is particularly urgent; I'd just rather get
everything in order while it's fresh in my memory.

Thanks for taking care of procps and psmisc.  It's nice that these
programs still just work™.

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