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Re: df command on the hurd

But it would be a nice feature to add. Each filesystem could report the filesystems mounted on it, and df could walk that tree.

On Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 1:06 PM, Patrik Olsson <peo@xaci.be> wrote:
On 11/04/11 21:40, startx wrote:
> hello.
> as another long time reader on this list (several years) i got excited
> again about the activity recently and setup hurd in qemu again a couple
> of days ago.
> one thing i stumbled upon is that if i try to excute "df" i get
>    df: cannot read table of mounted file systems
> what does this mean? is this just a bug or do i need to give df some
> specific options?

I think this is because Hurd cannot know all mounted filesystems due to
the decentralized nature of the architecture. So you basically need to
manually select the filesystem(s) you want to check. For example "df /".


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