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More portability for the graphical installer


I finally found some time to add udebs for the following X drivers:
 - keyboard
 - mouse
 - vesa

for hurd-* and kfreebsd-*. Packages are in NEW accordingly, since
those are new binary packages. They got uploaded to experimental, so
built against server 1.10*.

On the kfreebsd-* side, the server's udeb still needs a few tweaks
(disabling HAL, #596586, Bcc'd); FWIW, I mentioned hotplug on
GNU/kFreeBSD in DXN#6[1].

 1. http://blog.ikibiki.org/2011/02/21/DXN-6/

On the hurd-* side, there's no udeb for the server yet, but tested
patches to add one would be welcome. The best way to send patches is
through the BTS, patching the debian-experimental branch of the
xorg-server source package.

I don't plan to support those udebs against 1.9, the plan being mostly:
 - have 1.9 migrate ASAP;
 - upload a few new driver releases against it, and have them migrate;
 - finally put 1.10 in unstable.

Please keep debian-x@ in the loop while replying, should you do so.


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