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Ethernet drivers for GNU Mach

Hello all,

It's been a while since I tried out HURD in a VM, but recently the
success of the kFreeBSD port and the FTP Masters' ultimatum of sorts
has re-ignited my interest in it. In particular, I'd really like to
install it on real hardware, but this computer, about four years old,
is still too new to network with Mach.

I remember reading (though I don't remember where, probably on this
list somewhere) that Mach's ethernet drivers are ported from Linux 2.0.
I just had a few questions about the possibility of newer drivers for

1. Is it plausible to use Linux 2.6's drivers in the same way?
2. Is anyone working on this currently?
3. If not, it's certainly something I would be interested in working
on, but not something I have experience with. Would anyone be willing to
give me some pointers on how to get started?

Thanks in advance,
Steven McDonald.

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