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Re: Starting X in Debian GNU/Hurd

Steven McDonald, le Mon 18 Oct 2010 06:35:15 +1100, a écrit :
> (EE) LoadModule: Module fbdevhw does not have a fbdevhwModuleData data object.
> (EE) Failed to load module "fbdevhw" (invalid module, 0)
> (EE) AIGLX error: dlopen of /usr/lib/dri/swrast_dri.so failed (/usr/lib/dri/swrast_dri.so: undefined symbol: _glapi_tls_Context)
> (EE) GLX: could not load software renderer

Not fatal problems, and not related to your issue.

> If I just enter Xorg (not startx), X starts and displays a black screen
> that I can't seem to get rid of without rebooting the VM.

See https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26798

> At this point, I have no idea what else to try.

The problem is most probably not on the server side (as the messages
above are not fatal), but on the client side. Log the output of startx,
and possibly try directly as root

xinit /usr/bin/xterm

to simplify the client part as much as possible (the issue is most
probably just an authentication thing).


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