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Re: Help-hurd Digest, Vol 90, Issue 2

Jose Luis Alarcon Sanchez, le Sat 16 Oct 2010 12:42:26 +0000, a écrit :
> I ran the above 'dd' command. The image actually becomes bigger, 'ls -lh' on
> the GNU/Linux "host" system says debian-hurd-03102010-qemu.img has 2.0 Gb.,
> but running the qemu machine, executing Debian GNU/Hurd like "guest" system,
> 'df -Th /' still says the "disk" has a size of 1.5 Gb. It's unable to see
> the added space.

That's expected: the extra size is not for /, but for the swap space.

> And about how to get an usable Swap memory, what do you suggest?.

It's already in place. Please upload the resulting image at the same
place as the previous one, to fix it.


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