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Re: Resignation

Oups ! Sorry Moss, I post again to all the list !

Hello, I'm just a Hurd lover and I don't understand the art of programming. But thank you very much for your great work.
It's possible to include this part of the history in my comics story nammed "The Call of the Hurd".
I'm currently working on it, the first page will be ready in two of three weeks.
I use the free artistic licence "Licence Art Libre" (compatible CC-BY-SA).
I'll send it on this list when it will done...

See you...

Many thanks to all the people contributing to the Hurd !


2010/7/27 <moss@mythic-beasts.com>
May I add to the chorus of thanks for all you have done both with the
Hurd, though I'm only a minor follower and user, and also at your copyleft

Heart felt regards

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