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Weird ipv6 failures while building gpsd on hurd

[please keep me CCed as I'm not subscribed]


running the gpsd regression test suite failed on hurd with a weird error which
seems to be related to ipv6 (just ignore the dbus and shmget errors, thats
normal as it was running in the fakeroot environment, will be changed with the
next upload):
Processing ./test/daemon/ac12.log
gpsd: can't create IPv6 socket
gpsd: NTPD shmget(1314148400, 80, 600) fail: Invalid argument
gpsd: NTPD shmget(1314148401, 80, 600) fail: Invalid argument
gpsd: NTPD shmget(1314148402, 80, 666) fail: Invalid argument
gpsd: NTPD shmget(1314148403, 80, 666) fail: Invalid argument
gpsd: unable to connect to the DBUS system bus
make: hurdsig.c:804: _hurd_internal_post_signal: Unexpected error: (ipc/send)
invalid destination port.

The full log is here: http://deb.li/i4GTU
In case you want to reproduce it,
 -$(MAKE) testregress REGRESSOPTS=-u
is the line which results in the trouble :)

I neither have the time nor enough hurd foo to debug this, so in case this is a
bug in gpsd please send me a patch. I'll disable the regression tests on hurd
for now, assuming that gpsd will at least work with IPv4 properly.



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