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Removal of not+kfreebsd and linux-gnu dependency, bugs already filled


first of all, I'm really sorry for filling 23 bugs without discussing
this here.
This started as Kyle (Cc) filled #585767 because some packages failed to
build on powerpcspe (not official, in debian-ports atm). The gnu
triplet there is powerpc-linux-gnuspe so type-handling provides
not+linux-gnu. This is also the case for armel since its triplet ends
with gnueabi.
So packages like gvfs which depend for instance on
 libudev-dev (>= 0.139) | not+linux-gnu
are trigger by wanna-build even if libudev-dev (>= 0.139) is not
available since not+linux-gnu is available. Replacing not+linux-gnu with
not+linux would be one way to go.

Since Debian-Policy 3.9.0 architecture wild cards are allowed so this
dependency would become
 libudev-dev (>= 0.139) [linux-any]
and the type-handling aliases (which are hack according to #585767)
could go. Based on this and the fact that some packages are already
using them I filled some bugs [0].

Most of the tools are fixed now. The buildd chain is fixed since acpid
[1] is built and installed.
apt has a fix in its experimental vcs branch to make apt-get build-dep
work. pbuilder has a patch in bts. What I learned after filling the bug
is that git-buildpackage + cowbuilder don't work (yet).

[0] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?tag=typehandling;users=debian-powerpcspe@breakpoint.cc
[1] http://packages.qa.debian.org/a/acpid.html


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