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Re: Error when running native-install

On Sat, 10 Apr 2010, Patrik Olsson wrote:

> By the way. Why is not GRUB installed and configured together with the
> system? It takes like 5 minutes to write in all that magic to get GRUB
> starting the Hurd, and it is so error-prone.
> /Patrik

Because it cannot be done.  I have not got that far in building the iso 
images.  Quite a number of people have tried unsuccessfully to build more 
advanced installaion discs over the last few years, so you are stuck with 
mine.  GRUB should be configured once you have the basic system running.

However, if you are using one of the installation discs then you should 
have created a GRUB floppy or grub CD from the images on the disc before 
starting the installation.  They have the 'magic' in menu.lst to make the 
installation easier.  You have prompted me to start preparing a GRUB USB 


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