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Re: [Soc-coordination] Debian-installer on Debian GNU/Hurd as a GSoC project


Jérémie Koenig, le Wed 24 Mar 2010 20:49:31 +0100, a écrit :
> I just wanted to report that I have a series of "clean" patches
> against the upstream busybox git repository which make it build on the
> Hurd with the attached minimal config (which is debian/config/udeb,
> minus ip, route, free, klogd, mount, swaponoff and pivot_root I
> think.)


> In my excitement I have already submitted them upstream [1] for
> review,


> though on second thought I understand that posting them here
> first would have been more appropriate, especially since you had
> already started working on this.
> [1] http://lists.busybox.net/pipermail/busybox/2010-March/071942.html

I don't think it's a problem, actually right before reading that
paragraph I was thinking about asking you to submit them upstream :)

> Anyway, my plan right now would be:
>   * port more applets
>   * modify the Debian package to allow arch-specific .config files/overrides,
>   * submit the whole lot as a wishlist bug against busybox and discuss
> it on debian-boot
> Does this sound like a reasonable course of action?

Sounds right, yes!


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