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mach, hurd, libc, arm9.


I would like to tell you about my status in this process, problems
what i have now and ask advice. Now I have compiled Mach kernel, which
can boot, init all structures and threads, load first module. I have a
system timer from interrupt, and hard/soft clocks property work.
kernels threads property work too - it can init, start, block, wait
assertion's, so - all thread's staff  good work. I can start first
microserver, but now its only simple binary, traps/syscalls/etc doesnt
work. for next step I should have start module and debug trap/rpc and
user/kernel context switching, but now I stuck. I dont know what I
should do. In one hand I have a long path with libc/hurd building,
then making arm9 libc port and than hurd's micro-server arm port, in
other - forget about libc, make own small "libc", where all syscalls
makes as asm includes, use it for debugging my micro-kernel, and then
hope what true-libc will property work. I tried do build libc/hurd a
lot of times, but still have a huge amount of linking errors, that is
a reason why Im look on second path. Any ideas?


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