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Re: Gnu hurd installation nativ-install fails.


On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 06:04:42PM +0100, Carl Fredrik Hammar wrote:

> I had a similar problem related to low memory, but in my case the
> installation hung at ./native-install, and then at the same place as
> you on reboot.  I used a virtual machine and could just up the memory
> from 256M to 512M, which worked fine a couple of weeks ago.

It's completely beyond me how 256 MiB can be too little...

For comparision, my system right now has little more than that in use --
with 157M alone being consumed by a single program; i.e. everythnig else
taken together, including disk buffers and all, at less than 150M...

Something fishy must be going on there :-(


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