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Hurd on VirtualBox

Been trying in vain to start the Hurd as a virtual machine on VirtualBox 3.1. I cross-compiled a new kernel from CVS at savannah.org but it hangs after module 1 and module 2 then reboots. Used apt-get to download the current stable kernel from debian.org. It hangs after loading module1 and module2 then reboots. Installed gnumach-dbg from debian.org - kernel panic. /boot/gnumach.gz is on /dev/hda1 of the virtual disk. Made countless adjustments to /boot/grub/menu.lst. Tried several iterations of - kernel (hd0,0)/boot/gnumach.gz root-device:hd0s1 -s or device:hd1s1 -s among other things. The last understandable message I received using the debug kernel was 'kernel attempted to execute thread in user space' then the machine rebooted. I than found a pdf of a presentation by Fabio Viola stating under Virtualization that: "Actually VirtualBox can't run the GNUMach microkernel". I do not mind trying it under KVM or Qemu but I really like VirtualBox and wanted to try it there. I've been lurking on this list for years and I think I had it boot once - natively - 5 years ago, but that is history. Give up trying it in VirtualBox?


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