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OpenTTD compilation failing on Hurd buildd

Hi all,

I've asked before for some testing of a hurd compilefix for the openttd
package. Samuel has kindly provided me with an account on strauss, on which
openttd can succesfully be compiled now.

However, the buildd's still don't manage to compile openttd. For some reason,
I can't find a complete build log. [1] does show an error (possible stderr
output or something?), indicating the OS type wasn't detected properly (which
was the error the original patch was supposed to solve).

The OS detection relies on the output of `uname`, which is "GNU" on strauss
(and which is handled by the newest openttd version). However, it seems that
the buildd (rossini) has a different uname (since I can't see why it would go
wrong otherwise).

To complicate matters, rossini.debian.net points to strauss, but I'm not sure
if that's intentional?

Anyone with suggestions?



[1]: https://buildd.debian.org/~luk/status/package.php?p=openttd#fail-openttd-hurd-i386

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